May There Always Be Sunshine!

“May There Always Be Sunshine!” is a popular Soviet children’s song created in 1962. The music was composed by Avraam (Arkady) Ostrovsky (1914–1967), and the lyrics were written by Lev Ivanovich Oshanin (1912–1996). The song was first performed on the Good Morning! radio show in July 1962 by Russian-Jewish singer Maya Vladimirovna Kristalinskaya (1932–1985). Ukrainian pop singer Tamara Grigoryevna Miansarova (1931–2017) performed the song at the 1963 Sopot International Song Festival. It earned her first prize and immediately became popular throughout the USSR and in other countries. The album again presents the drawings of children aged 4 to 16 from different countries.

They can also be seen online: Information about the 1st collection of children's drawings can be found at this link:

Children’s fine arts creativity lays the foundation for their meaningful communication with adults, has a positive effect on their emotionality and distracts them from sadness and fears; it can reduce post-traumatic stress disorder caused by war-related events. Regardless of the execution technique, skill or age of the young painters, their moods, observational ability, imagination, and undeniable conscientious diligence can be felt in each of the drawings.

The project team of the Educational and Research Center ETHNOS e.V., along with the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering (Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt), wish the young artists creative success, inspiration and recognition!

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